Jeff Safari


Jeff’s passion for the foodservice industry started over 20 years ago when he spent his college summer breaks from Georgia Southern University working part time for his father’s catering business.  As President of Safari Hospitality Management Jeff stays busy keeping the company in line with its solid values, vision and mission statement. 

 The Safari family has a firm belief in earning what is given to you and that experience is the best teacher in life. Jeff‘s early work experiences include working on all aspects of the business.  From washing dishes, serving tables, to driving and unloading trucks — no job was left unperformed. Those work experiences continue to help Jeff to this day in setting realistic goals and work expectations for all employees.  Jeff began working full time for Southern Hospitality Management (now Safari Hospitality Management) in 1996 at the start of the Olympic Games that were held in Atlanta. “I look back at the work we did during the Olympic Games as the hardest three weeks I have ever worked in my life.  I still wouldn’t change a single aspect during that time period as it was both an honor and a privilege to be a part of the Olympics and the growth of Atlanta” says Jeff Safari. 

 Jeff enjoys the satisfaction of creating the perfect event and customer satisfaction is his main goal.  In today’s market, the sky’s the limit when it comes to creativity and production of food and events. Jeff is up for the challenge and firmly believes that customer service is paramount in surpassing the competition.

 While Jeff has worked with amazing team members over the years, he is most proud of his current staff.  His vision for the company is shining through. At the end of the day, everyone comes to work to earn a living.  However, having employees that are dedicated and also see in line with the company’s vision is the most important aspect for him.  “I truly believe that nothing is impossible if you have a strong and trustworthy team. We have that now and look forward to the continuing possibilities of growth for Safari Hospitality Management in the future” says  Jeff Safari.

Foodie Facts: Jeff enjoys cooking on his big green egg and entertaining friends and family.  When dining out, the combination of fresh herbs and spices in Middle Eastern food is Jeff’s favorite, the spicer the better.  

Fun Facts:  Jeff enjoys riding his Harley and looks forward to his annual trip to Daytona’s Bike Week.